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I am Samanta Saule, a certified eyebrow specialist and beauty trainer. I am proud to be the author of the FIRST eyebrow book in Latvian. Within the pages of this book, I am excited to share my wealth of experience and knowledge that I've amassed over the years, aimed at elevating the skills of eyebrow specialists. Join me in the journey to master the art of eyebrow beauty and unleash your full potential as an eyebrow specialist.


This book is your key to staying at least three steps ahead in this ever-evolving industry. Continuous growth is the cornerstone of professionalism.


THEORY AND ILLUSTRATIONS: This book is your gateway to a world of professional theory. It delves deep into the expert knowledge. Beautiful visuals not only captivate your attention but also provide valuable visual aids that complement the text.


MORE SUCCESS: You'll find all the secrets of working with eyebrows. This book is your guide to unveiling the hidden gems of expertise. The author shares all her experience. 


HIGH MOTIVATION: Inside these pages, you'll find a motivating and empowering content that ignites your passion, drive, and determination. Every word is carefully crafted to inspire you to reach your highest potential, both personally and professionally.